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Reinforcing our Commitment

Zabrina’s Jolly Bunch, Inc., is a multipurpose non-profit group located in San Antonio, TX, that serves low-income individuals, aged out foster children, feed the hungry /homeless and those persons with developmental disabilities. We provide room and board to the residents of our facilities at little to no cost to them; we provide food, transportation services, educational assistance, case management, and transition living. It is our mission to be a liaison in the community and nations we serve to provide much needed services for all the individuals’ and families we serve.

Your contributions are fully tax deductible.

Our group would be happy to accept monetary donations, food for our food pantry, toiletries, furniture, computers, printers and other technology items to support our life skills program and any other items that would benefit our program.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and contribution to our organization.

Zabrina Priestley, Executive Director

Supporting Zabrina's Jolly Bunch: What We Do
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